Boretrak is THE borehole deviation system. Boretrak is rugged and economical, compact, lightweight and portable. The all new Boretrak 2 system is available from Attakroc: SALE & LOCATION


The Boretrak2 borehole deviation measurement system is a simple-to-use, gyro-based system for measuring the deviation of boreholes drilled in underground mines or on the surface in quarries or open-pit mines.

As a successor to the widely used Cabled and Rodded Boretrak systems, the fundamental capabilities of the Boretrak2 are backed by over 35 years of in-the-field history. The features of both units have been combined into a single all-purpose unit capable of measuring boreholes in any inclination: down, up or horizontal.

Together with Carlson Boretrak software, the Boretrak2 provides a simple-to-use system for checking the accuracy of drilled holes and their deviation from design.

- Accurately measure borehole deviation and effectively use the data to plan projects safely and in compliance with auditing requirements.
- Record and visualize 3D data on drilling activity from ground level or underground site.
- Comply with quarrying legislation.
- Avoid the potential risks and costs associated with blasting from deviated or un-surveyed boreholes

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